10 tips .. what do you tell your children about corona virus?


What is Corona? Will schools be closed? What do I do to not get sick? Questions posed by children to their families due to the emerging Corona virus crisis, which has exceeded 105,000 people in about 100 countries.

Because of the ways in which the virus spreads and that depends on touch, parents must talk with their children to educate them about the prevention of this virus and the crisis it currently constitutes.

Start by talking to them calmly and reassuring children from the crisis, making sure that they know how to prevent this virus, and relying on cleaning hands frequently and when practicing every activity inside or outside the school, according to what you recommend Children’s Psychologists Association.

Next, the most important thing you need to do to educate your children without intimidating them.

  • Your children do not feel anxious or afraid of the virus.
  • I tell them that their environment at school, at home, and in the community is all about protecting them, especially in such crises.
  • Give your children more time because in times of crisis they will need more attention and discuss everything they need to know about the crisis or anything else.
  • Stay away from stress or blame others in front of your children if you feel panic.
  • Do not make negative comments about the crisis that your children will be concerned about.
  • Inform them that they may close schools during the crisis, and that this is aimed at protecting them.
  • Follow the news from reliable media to know developments about the virus.
  • Do not acknowledge that you know all the answers, and that there are people who make decisions based on the facts they have.
  • As much as possible, try to maintain your routine and enhance their physical health.
  • Guide them so that hand-washing and soap-washing become a habit in their behavior.


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