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Meghan Markle gave up co-starring in the Suits series as Rachel Zhan, once she became engaged to Prince Harry, despite her successful acting autobiography.

Despite much speculation, the Duchess of Sussex was never officially asked to return to the famous Suits series, out of respect for her royal lifestyle, which she has since moved on to.

New reports said that the German cosmetic company Biotulin offered the former American actress a huge sum of 5 million US dollars for only 5 seconds in which she appears in the series as Rachel Zan.

Biotulin is known for its organic botox product, which it claims reduces the appearance of wrinkles in just an hour.

According to the German cosmetic giant, Megan is a “craving” consumer of her products.

Biotulin wrote in a tweet to the NBCUniversal company that aired the Suits series, saying that she would pay huge sums for Meghan Markle’s appearance with her producer on the TV series.

This is the first time that Megan has been publicly asked to revive the role of Rachel Zhan in the successful American series Suits.

On the other hand, the author of the series, Aaron Korsch, decided to refrain from requesting a return from Megan Markle to the last episode of the series “out of respect for her new life.”

And this attractive offer by the German cosmetics company follows news that the Duchess of Sussex agreed to record an audio comment for Disney in exchange for being paid for a charity concerned with the protection of elephants.

It is believed that Megan Markle (38 years old) is seeking to return to acting with the start of her new life with Prince Harry away from the royal family, where an executive film director, who was not identified, revealed that there are “plans” to secure a major role for Meghan, after she called her agent To find her role as a superhero in one of Disney’s “Marvel” movies.


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