Zamalek excludes the inclusion of “departed” Al-Ahly due to Kasongo’s registration


Zamalek officials have ruled out the inclusion of the departed players from Al-Ahly in the current winter transfers during the month of January, given the completion of the list of the white team with the registration of the Congolese captainjo Kasongo, the striker, who returns to white after the end of his loan to the Moroccan wad, according to the view of the French coach Patrice Carteron Especially after the names of a number of Al-Ahly players awaiting their departure were linked to the transfer to Al-Abiad in the winter transfers, led by Moroccan striker Walid Azzaro, along with his teammates Saleh Jumaa and Hussein Al-Sayed “Marcelo”. The players of the red team expected to leave The island during this time.

Zamalek officials received the Congolese card, Kabongo Kasongo, the striker of the team, from the Egyptian Football Association, in preparation for his participation with Al-Abyad in the upcoming competitions, after returning to the team after the end of his loan to the Moroccan club, Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, confirmed that the Congolese Kabongo Kasongo was included in the team list Officially, the white club completed his local list after registering the Congolese player.

Mortada Mansour added, in statements to the official Zamalek website, that Zamalek received the Kareni registration of Kasongo from the Football Association to complete the list of the local team and has the right to participate with the team in the upcoming competitions, and Zamalek officials finalized the procedures for registering the Congolese striker Kabongo Kasongo formally, to become the Congolese player Ready to participate with Al-Ubayyid during the coming period, and so the officials of Mit Qala obstacle closed the winter transfer file for the expatriates for the team by restoring the Congolese striker, as Al-Abyad possesses a single replacement in his list and was exploited by Zamalek officials in Kasongo registration, at the expense of Al-Tunisi Hamdi Al-Naqaz, who was cut off from the team’s training.

Zamalek officials instructed the administrative body to end the registration procedures Congolese Kabongo KasongoIn the white list in the records of the Football Association, to use his efforts in the next stage, where the white is linked to a series of consecutive matches during the next stage with various competitions at the local or continental level, which is what happened where the administrative team ended the procedures for registering the player in the white list.

Zamalek is searching under the leadership of the French Carteron in the next stage to continue his victories after achieving victory in the last 3 rounds of the life of the league competition against Aswan, Tanta and El Gouna, respectively, with results 2/0 and 3/2 and 2/0, and Al-Abyad raised its score with the three victories to 24 points. And they occupy third place in the table of the competition arrangement, and the team is currently preparing for the decisive confrontation of the team in the African Champions League against Congolese Mazembe, which will be held next Friday, in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Championship, which Zamalek is searching for to win to qualify for the quarter-finals. The first championship Riqih formally.

The football department in Zamalek decided to implement the French request of Carton to place the Congolese Cassongo in the list of the white team, whether local or African, so the French Carteron is studying the use of the player in the next stage, which the team begins to face Mazembe, and Zamalek occupies second place in the first group ranking in the African Champions League. With 7 points, to approach the qualification to the quarter-finals, while the Congolese Mazembe tops the standings with 10 points, while the first of August and ZESCO have two points to occupy the third and fourth places respectively, and Al-Abyad is looking for a victory over the Congolese team for Register the qualification card formally.


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