Zamalek channel .. Mortada Mansour: We will not attack anyone through it .. My goal is to beat Al-Ahly in all games


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Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, said that the Zamalek channel welcomes any proposal or reservation to any decision or action by the Board of Directors if the opinion is objective.

The president of Zamalek added, during a recorded speech broadcast on the Zamalek club satellite channel: “My goal is to beat Al-Ahly in all games inside the stadium only, but there is no problem with the red club, and I thank the Egyptian Media Company for achieving the dream of Zamalek with the emergence of the channel.”

He continued: «I warn those who attack the Zamalek club, now we have a shield and a sword, in the past they said that I am the shield and the sword of Zamalek, but I tell them that the club’s channel is the protector now, and we will respond to the rumors and fabricated news through the channel, and we will not attack anyone through it»

Mansour emphasized his good relations with Al-Ahly: “We have no problem with Al-Ahly. We said before that Mustafa Yunus or Mustafa Abdo can appear on the Zamalek channel.”


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