Youssef Fawzy … the Egyptian artist who predicted his illness 20 years ago



Youssef Fawzy ... the Egyptian artist who predicted his illness 20 years ago


Youssef Fawzy

Egyptian artist Youssef Fawzy predicted his illness in 2016, which is Parkinson’s, during his embodiment of one of the roles in the series “Opera Aida” in 2000.

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Yesterday, Tuesday, Youssef Fawzi described his feelings and what he did after the doctor told him that he had Parkinson’s disease, where he kept laughing a lot because he remembered his incarnation of the disease before, saying: “Glory be to God the same hands .. When the doctor told me I laughed, the man told me to laugh at what I said To him, I played this role. ”

Fate played a great role in turning acting into reality, as Youssef Fawzy brilliantly starred the role of surgeon Jalal Awni in the series “Opera Aida” in 2000, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease in events, which made him stop practicing his work, which is the same disease that he suffered and made him It stops acting.

The artist, Youssef Fawzy, caused a sensation on social media in Egypt, after he appeared in a video, and the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease appeared clear to him.

The Egyptian artist decided to retire from acting after learning about the disease that afflicted him. He also explained that he does not leave the house and spend his life away from the public, and because of him he sees nightmares in his dream.

Source: Egyptian media


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