Youssef Fawzy: Said is happy with the reactions of the seventh-day dialogue and admires her singer


The great artist Youssef Fawzy said that he had received hundreds of phones and messages after his interview with Day 7 and the video Which appeared through him to check on him and pray for him from all over the world and from all the governorates of Egypt.

The great artist confirmed in special statements for the seventh day that he was very happy with the reactions after the spread of the video, through which he sent a message to his fans and millions of his fans, saying: “Many people from the artists, the public and the channels contacted me and my phone did not catch Ren.”

He said, laughing: “A fan of Nagaa Hammadi called me and said: How do you see me, Amazouz, sang me, Oad, sir, I called the students of the Institute of Performing Arts and told me the batch wanted to visit you.”

The great artist continued that Father Boutros Daniel communicated with him and told him that he would visit him Thursday, and that he would appear on a number of satellite programs, stressing that he was happy with the great love that overwhelmed him with thousands of fans after publishing the video of the seventh day.

The artist Youssef Fawzy began in a high psychological state and morale during a visit organized by a delegation from the seventh day yesterday evening, stressing that he was surprised by some criticizing his appearance in the video of the seventh day, although he portrayed him with his full will and consciousness, saying: “Thank God I did not have Alzheimer’s disease and agreed to the video With full awareness. “

The artist, Youssef Fawzy, devoted himself to a seventh day of dialogue and video, during which he indicated that he had been offered more than 10 performances during which he embodied the role of a patient with Parkinson’s disease, but he rejected it.

He continued: “I am currently spending my life in my home and watching movies and series through television, and I only rarely come out, and my friends in the artistic community are all good technically and they are all close to me.”

Yusuf Fawzi sent a message to his fans on the seventh day, saying: “The people of Egypt are a good people when they saw the artists who left in the cinematic or television works. Read al-Fatihah for them, and I pray for recovery as well. I have nothing but to say to God that I do not ask you to return the judiciary but I ask you kindness in it , And ask you a good conclusion. “

The video that singled out the seventh day with the great artist Youssef Fawzy sparked a great state of interaction and controversy after circulating widely and the sympathy of millions of fans with the beloved artist, and some claimed that the artist was photographed without his knowledge.


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