Youssef Fawzy reaps the sympathy of the Egyptians after his appearance with Parkinson’s disease


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A video clip in which the artist Youssef Fawzi appeared, showing the severe symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, sparked widespread controversy in Egypt and a campaign of solidarity with him. The newspaper that published the interview prompted the publication of an audio clip later for the interviewer With him, she asks her permission to take a video clip of the interview, after receiving many criticisms.

The seventh day, by the artist Youssef Fawzi, conveyed what I called “the decisive response” from Fawzi “to the bullies and critics of his appearance” in the video, in which he said: “I conceived with my consent and my full will and in prior arrangement and after asking the journalist and the photographer’s permission, and I was not angry with the publication of the video …

The newspaper responded to the accusations that it filmed a video of “surreptitiously” by the artist Youssef Fawzi: “How does this mean you will surreptitiously photograph the camera before me, and the dialogue took place with my approval, and I thank you and thank the vast masses who flooded me with their love and prayers …”

Fawzi, 74, had developed an advanced condition of “Parkinson’s”, in a photo interview published by the newspaper, in which he justified his retirement from art since he contracted the disease, and said that since that date, he had submitted 10 presentations that he described as “small”, embodying from During the role of “a patient with Parkinson’s”, but he rejected it because he does not want to “appear this way after this age,” he said.

He went to the Egyptian public asking for supplication, saying: “Oh God, I do not ask you to answer the judiciary, but I ask you kindness in it, and I ask you a good conclusion …”

After the publication of the interview, the artist Youssef Fawzi’s name emerged among the most popular topics on “Twitter” in Egypt, where the Egyptians published dozens of tweets under a tag in his name. She carried a lot of sympathy and criticism for the newspaper that showed him in this case in the interview she published, and some of them recovered a scene that led It includes the role of “Patient with Parkinson’s” about 20 years ago, in the series “Opera Aida”.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian artist Youssef Fawzi was born in 1945, and began his artistic career in 1982, with a balance of about 162 roles in cinema and television. He also wrote for the movie “The Avengers” 1985, and his last artistic participation was in six TV series in 2015: “The Land of Ostriches” Professor and Head of the Department, Saraya Abdin – Part Two, “The Lady’s Lady”, “The Crown Prince” and “Misunderstanding” before retiring from art in 2016 due to his illness with Parkinson’s disease.


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