Yousra reveals the fact that she has leukemia


Source: Cairo – Ahmed Al-Reedy

A state of anxiety afflicted Yusra’s audience after her recent appearance in the program “Taught Me the World” which is shown on the “MBC” screen, and her talk about her diagnosis of leukemia and the period of horror that she lived.

Where the public thought that Yusra had contracted the malignant disease, which raised their concerns and made sure to check on it, and they tried to communicate with her through the social media in order to investigate the matter.

This prompted Yusra to record an audio message revealing the circumstances of what happened, and published it through her official account on “Instagram”, thanking her fans who are keen to check on them.

She pointed out that when she spoke on the program, she mentioned that doctors had doubts about her developing leukemia, and these suspicions persisted for three months.

However, she is in very good health, especially since the suspicions were not correct and did not lead to cancer, confirming that this story occurred 15 years ago and did not happen recently.

Yusra thanked her fans for praying and their constant eagerness to them, considering that whatever she does, she will not be able to give the public his right, as she continued her speech saying, “By God the Great, I am the Lord of all my goodness … Praise be to God, I am good,” asking her audience to pray for her because she needs to pray in all times.

In the comments, the public was keen to direct the words of support and love to Yusra, and among them was her colleague, artist Laila Elwi, who commented, “Praise be to God … may God protect you and perpetuate her health, wellness and goodness.”


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