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English press
Daily Mail
Hernandez is the highest paid in America

Javier Hernandez has become the highest-paid American League player with a salary of 103,000 pounds a week with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The former Manchester United player signed a 3-year contract after he ended his journey with the Spanish club Sevilla.

The 30 million deal in Manchester

Manchester United are seeking the talent of English club Birmingham Judy Bellingham this month in a deal expected to exceed 30 million pounds.

The young player has participated in 25 games this season and has succeeded in attracting great attention from the top Europeans, specifically Manchester United, who is trying hard to include him.

The Sun

Aguero is wanted in America

England-owned American club David Miami seeks to sign Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero.

Aguero, 31, has become a requirement for David Beckham to move to his ranks after his contract expires at the end of next season with Manchester City.


Arsenal targets Boateng

Arsenal aims to sign German player Jerome Boateng to support his defensive lines in January.

The 31-year-old defender is highly recommended to move to Arsenal in January in search of a new Premier League challenge.

Spanish press


Barcelona wants Rodrigo

Barcelona want to sign a striker during the remaining days of winter transfers, and Rodrigo Moreno is the closest to the injured Luis Suárez.

The problem in completing the deal lies in the material requests of Valencia, which will not be less than 60 million euros in order to dispense with the player during the current period.

The departure of Odrizula

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has hinted that Alvaro Odriozola could leave the squad during the current period.

Zidane said: “Odrizula has the option to leave Real Madrid, so fat is waiting, everything is possible, I am looking for a player to sign him instead of another, so I am waiting.”


Valencia wants Alcacer

Valencia club aspires to sign Paco Alcacer from Borussia Dortmund, in light of the increased possibility of Rodrigo Moreno’s departure to Barcelona in the coming days.

Valencia does not want his offensive line to be affected by the departure of his first scorer, so he wants to return the Alcacer to the Spanish League again, in light of his impressive performance in Germany.

Mundo Deportivo

Betis closes the door

Real Betis closed the door to Barcelona, ​​who wants to sign Emerson during the current period, in preparation for the transfer to be completed next summer.

Betis believes Emerson is doing great with him in the current period and is developing significantly, which is difficult to dispense with during the current season.

German press


Podolsky returns

Cologne announced the return of its former German star Lucas Podolski as soon as his professional career ended, but not as a player.

The club stated after a meeting with the 34-year-old that it will work to formulate a concept for joint action, but the role of Podolski in the club has not been established yet.

French press
To be installed
The return of Laporte

Manchester City defender Americ Laporte has reappeared after recovering from an injury that has kept him out of action since August 31.

Laporte got rid of a knee injury to appear in the basic formation of technical director Pep Guardiola versus Sheffield United, the 24th round of the English Premier League.

France Football

Barcelona scheme

Barcelona are planning to sign a new striker during the current winter transfer window, to make up for the absence of Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez and in the absence of Frenchman Osman Dimili.

Coach Kiki Sittin confirmed that his club is considering including the current Mercato striker, and there were several names for the transfer of the Catalan team, such as Arsenal striker Pierre-Aubameyang and Valencia striker Rodrigo.

The Italian press

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Inter crisis

Inter player Marcelo Prozovic suffered a strong ankle injury, so his absence from the team during the coming period will be confirmed.

Inter announced in an official statement that the player was injured but did not explain the period of absence and the need for recovery, which indicates that the period of absence will be long, which puts the club in a crisis.

Corriere dello Sport

3 matches per week

Juventus club coach Mauricio Sari confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo’s physical capabilities enabled him to play normally under the pressure of consecutive matches.

Juventus coach said: “Ronaldo’s capabilities and physical capabilities make him able to play for three full games in just seven days.”


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