You will discover that the President made no mistake


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Lawyers for US President Donald Trump began arguing with them on Saturday morning in a trial of his dismissal in front of Senate Three days after accusations leveled by Democrats.

“You will see that the president did not make any mistake,” said White House attorney Pat Chipollone, who first spoke during an exceptionally organized meeting.

Democrats from the House of Representatives who decided to dismiss Trump on December 18 concluded their arguments in detail late Friday.

Chipollone added that the House prosecutors had not succeeded in presenting their case.

“We do not believe that at any point they have come close to meeting their burden that they ask you to bear … In fact, we believe that when you hear the facts, you will ensure that the president did not make any mistake.”

White House attorneys confirmed that Democrats are asking the Senate to “drop the results of the recent elections.”

“They are asking you to tear the ballot papers all over this country on your own initiative,” he said.

Trump’s lawyer will have 24 hours of three days to present their defense of the president to the Senate. They plan to speak three hours, on Saturday, and resume the process Monday.

Trump is undoubtedly acquitted in the Republican-controlled Senate (53 out of 100 seats).

Trump commented on the investigation issue and the measures to isolate him, last Wednesday, in a press conference on the sidelines of the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland, saying that what is happening in Congress regarding the isolation is a trick that offends the United States, noting that the file of Russian interference in the elections was a fabrication set by Hillary Clinton “We are facing people who are either corrupt or playing a political game,” he added.

“I leave it to the Senate,” he added, and I did not commit any crime, and I practice wonderful policies, and any crime during my talk with the Ukrainian President and what is happening now is a waste of time. The Democrats do not want to talk about this talk. ”


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