Yemen: Dismantling two cells that work for the Houthi militia


Source: Dubai – Al Arabiya Channel

On Wednesday, the Special Security Forces in the Yemeni Ma’rib Governorate seized two cells operating for the Houthi militia in the city’s vicinity.

A security source told the “Ministry of Interior” website that the two cells were working to monitor the movements of the national army, and to correct the coordinates of enemy missiles.

The source added that “the Special Security Forces seized the two cells in possession of coordinate maps and communications devices related to the Houthi militia in Sarwah,” quoting the media center for the armed forces.

He stressed that “the security services will not tolerate and will strike with an iron hand all those who have been tempted to seek to destabilize security and stability and disturb the public tranquility in the province.”

And last Saturday, Houthi militias targeted a mosque inside an army camp in “Marib” With Katyusha rockets, killing at least 80, most of them military, as well as about 150 wounded.


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