Yemen .. Continuing battles in the voracity and freezing of the obligations of the Hodeidah Agreement


Military sources confirmed that violent battles continue in Nahham district, east of Sanaa, between the Yemeni army forces and the Houthis, and no party has announced the size of its human losses due to the clashes.

Houthi-managed reconnaissance planes flew over the city of Marib, with the intensification of ballistic missile launches at targets there.

According to local sources, it was confirmed that two women were killed yesterday evening and others were injured, after a missile landed in a house in the Rawdah neighborhood of Marib city.

Freezing of obligations
For his part, Yemeni Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdullah Al-Hadrami announced – implicitly – the freezing of his government’s obligations under the Hodeidah agreement, and he said in a series of tweets at the expense of his ministry that, in light of this escalation, there is no real benefit from the Hodeidah agreement, as he put it.

Al-Hadrami said, “The recent Houthi military escalation threatens to blow up all peace efforts.” He held the Houthis responsible for the collapse of the peace efforts, and called on the UN envoy Martin Griffiths to stop the escalation and thwart the Stockholm Agreement.

He added that the continuation of what he described as an escalation by the Houthis – and in light of the presence of the UN envoy in Sanaa – is a bad exploitation of the Sweden agreement and the calm in Hodeidah and all peace efforts, by preparing for the war and strengthening their other fronts.

“This dysfunctional situation can no longer continue,” al-Hadrami said, warning of the inability of the Yemenis to bear more patience in search of a fragile peace process, which provides the opportunity for the Houthis to feed and announce their absurd war, as he put it.

The Yemeni minister stressed His government would not allow the Hudaydah agreement to be used to feed what he described as the Houthis’ absurd battles on the fronts of their choice.

The liberation of Sanaa
In a related context, Minister of Defense Lt. Gen. Muhammad Ali al-Maqdashi presided over a military meeting that included the Inspector General of the Armed Forces, Major General Adil al-Qumayri, to discuss field developments and combat operations on various fronts.

The meeting stressed that the battle to “liberate the capital, Sanaa” is an irreversible option, whatever the cost, and that military operations are continuing against the Houthi group in all axes and fronts throughout the country.

The meeting stressed the combat readiness and the complete and permanent readiness in all military units to implement the assigned tasks and face the challenges.


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