Yalla Shot .. Watch the Sudanese Al-Hilal and Platinum Stars match broadcast live today 1-25-2020 and the channels that carry them


The Sudanese Al Hilal team is a heavy visitor to Platinum Stars in the fifth match of the African Champions League groups, on Saturday evening, January 25, 2020, Al-Hilal, the third-place player with 6 points, faces when he faces the last-place Platinum with one point to achieve victory and collect three points in order to ensure To qualify for the next round while on the other hand, Platinum Stars’ hopes to qualify are weak.

Yalla Shot match details of the Sudanese Crescent and Platinum Stars African Champions League

Today, when the Sudanese guest attends Platinum, he is preparing to achieve the full mark, in order to ensure qualification to the next round where the Crescent wishes to walk in the heroine this season to the greatest extent. Minimal to qualify for the next round.

Al-Ain newspaper offers you the date of the Crescent Platinum match, and we will be with you in covering the dates of the most important matches and the channels that transmit them, and we offer you the dates of the most important major tournaments. The match takes place at exactly 16:00 Mecca time, in accordance with 15:00 Cairo time And Palestine.

The commentator and the transmission channels of the Sudanese Al-Hilal and Platinum Stars match

The Sudanese Al Hilal match against Platinum Stars will be transferred to the Champions League Championship round five, through the package of BN Sports channels through the transmission channel beIN Sports HD 1 with the voice of the hanging gold bracelet.

The result of the Sudanese Crescent and Platinum Stars match

The lovers of the round witch will be on the date of following a match full of fun and excitement between the Sudanese Crescent against Platinum Stars this evening in the African Champions League.


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