With a missile, the Houthi militia bombed a meeting of journalists in Yemen


Source: Arabic.Net – Osan Salem

On Saturday, the Houthi revolutionary militia bombed a meeting of a number of journalists and satellite channel correspondents in the city of Al-Hazm in Al-Jawf Governorate, northeast of Yemen, with a Katyusha missile.

The National Organization of Yemeni Journalists, Sada, said in a statement that it had received a report stating that the meeting place of journalists and channel correspondents in Al-Jawf Governorate was bombed by a Katyusha missile carried out by the Houthi group.

She confirmed that this Houthi bombardment wounded a number of journalists (did not mention their number), in addition to the burning of cars of the reporters of Aden and Yemen satellite men in the governorate.

awful crime

The organization expressed its condemnation of this direct bombardment that targeted journalist colleagues in Al-Jawf governorate and endangered their lives, and held the Houthi coup militias fully responsible for their safety and lives, by bombing their meeting place.

Sada called on local and international human rights organizations to condemn this heinous crime, and appealed to the international community and its organizations to take urgent action to save the Yemeni journalists whose conditions worsened and the violations against them increased.


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