Wireless pad to charge 3 Apple devices together


The US company, “Satici”, has launched the Trio wireless charging pad, which charges 3 devices Camel Together, at $ 120.

The American company explained that the wireless charging pad includes 3 places dedicated to the Apple iPhone, the Apple Watch and the Apple AirPods with a box compatible with the standard Qi wireless charging.

The wireless charging pad is connected to the power supply via a 24-watt USB-C cable, according to German news agency DPA.

For the Apple AirPods with the compatible case or the AirPods Pro, there is a cavity in the wireless charging pad to prevent headphones from slipping, in addition to the availability of an anti-slip surface on the right side of the plate, and this part is used to charge the Apple iPhone smartphone.

As for the “Apple Watch” watch, the plate has a clip that can be lifted up so that the watch can be charged while the watch bracelet is used.


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