Who is the icon of the revolution that the President of Tunisia awarded the highest medal?


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On Wednesday, Tunisian President Qais Saeed granted the Mujahideen and the icon of the Algerian revolution, Jamila Bouhired, the highest honor in the country, in her honor for her struggle history in the face of French colonialism and her defense of freedoms.

A statement by the Tunisian Presidency stated that “President of the Republic, Qais Said, received on Wednesday evening at the Palace of Carthage the great Algerian militant, Mrs. Jamila Bouhired, one of the most important symbols of the Algerian revolution.”

“The President of the State honored Mrs. Jamila Bouhird, by awarding her the first class of the Order of the Republic of Tunisia in appreciation of her standing and her long struggles for the liberation of Algeria from French colonialism, and for her continuous struggle in defense of freedoms.”

Beautiful Bouhird
Beautiful Bouhird
Who is the icon of the Algerian revolution?

Jamila Bouhired (born 1935) is an Algerian resistance fighter, and is a fighter who contributed directly to the Algerian revolution during French colonialism in the late twentieth century.

According to what Al Arabiya.net collected about her, Jamila was born in the Kasbah district, Algiers, from an Algerian father and educated mother from the Kasbah, and she was the only girl among her family members. Her mother gave birth to 7 young men, her mother had the greatest influence in her love for the country, she was the first Who planted patriotism in it and reminded her that she is Algerian, not French.

Despite her young age at the time, Jamila continued her schooling, and then she joined a sewing and detailing institute, as she was a fan of fashion design. She practiced classical dance and was skilled at horse riding.

When the Algerian revolution erupted in 1954, Bouhaired joined the Algerian National Liberation Front to struggle against the French occupation when she was twenty years old. Then, she joined the ranks of the guerrillas and was the first volunteer with the activist Jamila Bou Azza who planted bombs in the way of French colonialism. 1 Until she was arrested in 1957, when she fell to the ground, she was bleeding after being shot in the shoulder, and here began her cruel journey of torture.

After 3 years in prison, she was deported to France and spent three years there to be released with the rest of the colleagues.

Nidal’s story and her famous sentence

The Algerian students were chanting in the morning assembly, France was a mother, but she was screaming and saying: Algeria is safe, so the French school headmaster took her out of the morning assembly and severely punished her but she did not retreat, and in these moments she gave birth to militant tendencies.

After that she joined the Algerian Liberation Front for the struggle against French colonialism, and the role of Jamila Nidal was represented as a link between the leader of the mountain in the Algerian Liberation Front and the delegate of the city’s leadership (Yassif Al Saadi) who had French publications in the city announcing the payment of a hundred thousand French francs A price for his head! As a result of her heroism, she became the first on the list of hunters until she was shot in 1957 and was arrested when she fell to the ground bleeding after being shot in the shoulder.

Electrocuted and sentenced to death

From inside the hospital, the French began to torture the militant, and she was subjected to electric shocks for three days by the colonizer to recognize her colleagues, but she endured this torture, and she was unconscious and when she wakes up, Algeria says it is safe.

When the tormentors failed to extract any confession from her, her trial was decided upon and she was sentenced to death in 1957, and during the trial and immediately after the verdict was pronounced, her famous sentence replied: “I know that you will judge me to death, but do not forget that you kill me, you assassinate the freedom traditions in your country, but you will not prevent Algeria from To become free and independent. ”

On March 7, 1958, it was decided to implement the ruling, but the whole world rose up and the United Nations Human Rights Committee met, after receiving millions of denunciations from all over the world. The execution of the verdict was postponed, then he was modified to life imprisonment. After the liberation of Algeria in 1962, Jamila Bouhired was released from prison, and she married her French lawyer, Jacques Vergis in 1965, who defended the National Liberation Front militants, especially the Mujahideen Jamila Bouhired, who converted to Islam and Mansour took a name for him.

Beautiful Bouhird
Beautiful Bouhird
Inspirational poets .. 70 poem

Bouherd became the most famous symbol of the resistance in Algeria, but it is the most famous at all when the Arabs mention the name of a militant, and she said that she inspired poets, so that some critics counted nearly seventy poems written about her most famous poets in the Arab world: Nizar Qabbani, Salah Abdel-Sabour, Badr Shaker Al-Siyab, Al-Jawahery and dozens of others.

Among the poems that were said:

They told her Bint Al-Diyaa, contemplate the charm and appeal you have
Brunette Zhan has beauty of color and shook the hair of the brunette

Beautiful Bouhird
Beautiful Bouhird
Jamila Bouherd in the movement of Algeria
Jamila Bouherd in the movement of Algeria


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