What we want you .. let Iran benefit you


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

After the demonstrators took control, on Monday, of the Muhammad Qasim Bridge in the Iraqi capital, which had witnessed earlier clashes between a number of protesters and security forces, the protesters chanted, through the Qasim Highway, “We want you, we want you, let Iran benefit you.”

Cheers of Qasim Highway

In addition, Iraqi medical sources reported that the death toll of the demonstrations rose to 3, after two of the protesters were shot dead, the first near the aforementioned bridge, which witnessed abundance, on Monday, and the second near the Kilani intersection.

The Human Rights Commission stated that 50 others and 20 detainees were injured in the Iraqi capital.

In addition, Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported that 17 cases of suffocation occurred during the confrontations between the protesters, and the security forces that threw tear gas canisters to disperse them, while local Iraqi media reported an increase in the number of cases of suffocation to 66.

Tahrir Square in Baghdad, January 20, AFP
Tahrir Square in Baghdad, January 20, AFP

For its part, the Iraqi Security Media Cell announced that 14 officers were wounded as they confronted a group of what they described as “rioters” in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad.

Tahrir Square in Baghdad, January 20, AFP
Tahrir Square in Baghdad, January 20, AFP

And the cell confirmed in tweets on Twitter, that the commander of the third brigade in the first division of the Federal Police suffered a leg fracture, pointing out that “the forces continue to exercise restraint and follow their security duties assigned to them.”

This witnessed the Iraqi capital, since early morning, blocking roads, amid great security alert. Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported that clashes took place between the security forces and the demonstrators, who crossed the international road linking Baghdad and Nasiriyah, in addition to the road linking Maysan and the capital.


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