What did Yusra do when she was diagnosed with leukemia?


Tell me – actress Yousra revealed for the first time a difficult crisis that she experienced during her most famous, successful and powerful years.

According to the magazine (in the art), Yusra explained during the program “The World Taught Me” on mbc channel, that she was subjected to a crisis that changed the course of her life, as described, explaining that in one of the years she was in the strongest stages of her popularity and success as an actress, and she discovered her time during her regular medical exams. , That she may have had blood cancer.

I continued: “The doctor discovered that I may have blood cancer. I told them, you are sure. They told me, uh, I lived 3 months in fear and terror, that I may have leukemia, and I did not say to any creature or to my mother, because I feared that it would cause her a need … I am thinking, if brown really did Adam know the death will happen, when will he do what? !!

She added: “Also, we look for blessings because we cherish the blessing of health, normal, and the family with normal consent .. I, for example, lost my mother recently, and now I wish for a lifetime to return again, so that I can fulfill her right even though whatever I do, I will not be wasted … we must be tolerant, and we will be indebted without what we expect for , Believe me, after I lost it, I felt that there was no need in the world … it came back, but for one hour, I wish it would come back, and I would be upset and hit me, and I would do what was needed, and it was very simple. “

It is reported that Yusra is scheduled to start filming a new series called “Dahab Ayra”, and it is scheduled to be shown in the Ramadan season 2020, where its events revolve in a mysterious and dramatic framework that carries many surprises through the sequence of events.


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