Weather condition tomorrow, Saturday, January 25, 2020 .. Meteorology warns very cold weather and temperature indication


Meteorological experts expect that the weather of tomorrow, January 25, 2020 in Cairo, will witness cold weather during the day on central Sinai and the northern and western coasts, and the weather will be very cold at night, with dense feather over a number of regions, and the winds will be moderate while they are active in Bahrain, which leads For disordering maritime navigation.

The weather in Egypt tomorrow, Saturday, January 25

Meteorologists expect that the weather will be cold during the day in the north of Upper Egypt and be very cold at night, and dense fennel will be formed in the early morning hours, with continued chances of rain on the Red Sea chains and on the sea side and extend to some areas in Cairo, and the surface wind will be northwest and active on the west The Mediterranean and the Red Sea, which leads to disturbance of maritime navigation in them.

Expected temperatures tomorrow

For Greater Cairo, 17 degrees, Lesser 07 degrees, Greater Alexandria, 18 degrees, Lesser Matrouh, 16 degrees, Lesser 12 degrees, Sohag Great, 18 degrees, Lesser 06 degrees, Greater Qena, 18 degrees, Lesser 08 degrees, Great Catherine 08 11 degrees and a minimum of 00 degrees.


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