We are ready to support the army in insatiable with all we have


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

Commander of the Republican Guard brigades in Yemen, Brigadier General Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh, confirmed on Tuesday, the readiness of his forces to support the battle against Houthi in the eastern suburbs of the capital, Sanaa, in the center of the country, which is witnessing Fierce battles between the National Army and the militia.

In the details, Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, who is the son of the late President Ali Abdullah Saleh, said in a tweet to him on Twitter: “Our hearts and minds are with the heroic heroes of the Naham front, who are now registering a page that must be immortal in the Yemeni battle to restore their state and republic. “.

He added: “We are ready to support and support the national battle that the heroes of Yemen are fighting in insatiable with all we can and everything we have.”

Brigadier Tariq also called on all Yemenis to unite behind this battle.

It is noteworthy that Yemeni military sources in cBahha Nahm east of the Yemeni capital Sanaa It is reported, Tuesday, that it is called Death Battalion Of the Houthi militias, they were handed over to the National Army forces after the killing of their leader Jaber Al-Moayyad, and the Houthi leader Yahya Muhammad Nasser Fadil, the recruiting officer in the Naham front, along with dozens of members of the Houthi militia, after confrontations that lasted more than 30 hours, in the axis of Maymana, during which the battalion was surrounded. And forcing her to surrender.

Yemeni army forces
Yemeni army forces

And that devastating blow came to the Houthi militia in Naham, after the Yemeni army achieved many victories on that front, as the media center of the Yemeni Armed Forces announced on Monday evening that “the national army was able to liberate a mountain range in the starboard of Naham front east of the capital, was under The control of the Houthi militia, noting that the army forces continue their continuous progress amid escape and a great collapse in the ranks of the revolutionaries. “

“An Iranian missile disaster”

Saleh had condemned the bombing of a Yemeni army training camp in the Ma’rib Governorate, in north-eastern Yemen, days ago, as well as killing 70 people.

From Marib attack
From Marib attack

Saleh also said in a tweet via his Twitter account: “A painful catastrophe shakes the entity of every free Yemeni who watches his countrymen slaughtered with Iranian missiles.”

To that, the Yemeni army announced, on Sunday, that it had implemented a successful solicitation of militia groups in the Huraib area of ​​the Nahham front, during which the coupists had inflicted more than 13 dead, including the commander of the groups called Abu Thabit al-Hashemi, while the rest of them escaped.


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