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The US President: Money markets have recovered $ 19 trillion

Source: Arabic.net

“The United States is thriving again as never before,” US President Donald Trump said in a speech inaugurating the World Economic Forum in the Swiss mountain city of “Davos” today, stressing that the increase in US production of crude that reached 13 Million barrels per day, made his country “nearing the stage of independence from others in the field of energy.”

In his speech to the forum in its fiftieth year, the US President mentioned that last week, America signed two trade agreements with China on the one hand, and with Mexico and Canada On the other hand, considering that this trend in the agreements will represent a new model for trade in the current century.

He explained that “The agreement with China is in its first stage and there will be a second stageNoting that this agreement “set a number of criteria to ensure the application of the law.”

He considered that the US administration “worked to end the catastrophe caused by the North American Free Trade Agreement.”

He added that these agreements and measures in America’s economy set “the priorities of workers and families, and this was not three years ago, as the American economy was in a bad situation, and wages were declining, at that time 5 million Americans lost their jobs, and 10 million were added to the list of those who benefit from the aid Food. ”

Trump talked about the era that preceded his mandate, stressing that “unemployment was high, the workforce was weak, the middle class was eroded, and citizens felt lethargic and forgotten and were losing their confidence in the system, and there was a retreat towards a global recession, at which time the World Bank cut growth forecasts to no one He wants to think of it. ”

“Although we have been subjected to a lot of criticism, I was not as sure of America’s future as I am today, and we will achieve positive steps while generating more job opportunities and unlocking the potential of our people, reducing taxes and reducing regulations that have not happened before,” he said. As short as this time is. ”

He stressed that “the American energy sector has returned with record speed, and since my election America has recovered more than 7 million jobs, and this is the number that was on my mind, and we were looking at two million jobs, but we managed to achieve a much larger number.”

He referred to the unemployment rate in the United States at 3.5%, which is the lowest in 50 years.

He said that the United States managed to make its economy work “at a very high rate, and for the first time in decades we began to see that wealth is no longer concentrated only in the hands of a minority, but for the sake of a global economy, and we raise the capabilities of Americans from all cultural, ethnic and sectarian backgrounds.”

He explained that all citizens of the United States “have become contributing to the economy, and the unemployment rate among African Americans has become the lowest in the history of our country, and that poverty has decreased and the unemployment rate among women has reached the lowest level in 1953, and this happens for the first time.”

In his speech to the World Forum, the American President listed several economic achievements in his era, including “the rise of the income of veterans, and that wages rise in various American sectors.”

“Those at the bottom of employment opportunities in America have become more expensive than ever before, and school graduates are getting unprecedented assistance, and there are two million millennials who got jobs and their wages increased by 5% annually, and this number that we didn’t think about,” Trump said. He never had it before and was in the impossible for three years ago. ”

He added that “Americans from 34 to 45 years old have become more present in the labor sector, and there are more than 5 million who joined the workforce and three million were removed from aid lists.”

And he talked about “higher wages for middle-income people, and that indicates that the American dream is returning more strongly than before, with the middle class being the most benefiting, with factories returning to the United States and increasing job opportunities.”

He revealed that the American financial markets were able, with “rising stocks, to add $ 19 trillion to American wealth and push towards improving income for retirees, to compensate for years of economic stagnation.”

Commenting on global developments, Trump stressed that his country will continue to restore its economic power, and “we will not allow the bad guys anywhere to threaten our freedom.”


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