Watch this strange punishment .. managers crawl in front of their employees!



A humiliating and strange punishment of its kind occurred in China, after a group of managers crawled in front of their employees, apologizing for “their failure to achieve their career goals”.

The footage showing a group of Chinese company executives crawling on the ground in a queue in front of their employees has made widespread online.

According to one of the sources, according to what was reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the managers and their assistants made this movement because they “failed to achieve their company’s sales targets.”

Reports indicate that the video was filmed in northeast China’s Jilin Province during a restaurant company’s year-end party.

An employee of the company explained to the local media that all supervisors of the company volunteered to be punished in this way.

The directors made phrases, through loudspeakers, as they crawled and swore on, saying, “I am responsible.”


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