Watch the Zamalek star exposed to a traffic accident before confronting Mazembe


exposure Mostafa Mohamed, first team soccer striker, Zamalek Club For a simple car accident after today’s training in preparation for the confrontation of Congolese Mazembe scheduled for next Friday in the fifth round matches of the group stage of the African Champions League, Mustafa Mohamed published a picture of his car on the social networking site “Instagram” and he clarified from the photo that his car was shocked from behind, but he was not exposed to any hurt.

Zamalek had fought its training this morning in preparation for a confrontation with Mazembe, as French coach Patrice Carteron, the club’s first football coach, led individual exercises for Tariq Hamed and Ferjani Sassi, the two team, to increase their physical level, and the duo performed strength training followed by rehabilitative exercises to unwind the muscles..

While Yusuf Ibrahim, “Obama”, Kabonjo Kasongo, Mahmoud Alaa and Mustafa Mohamed Rabaa, the first football team in Zamalek Club, performed additional training after the end of the crosses and mastering the header, and Hazem Imam and the emerging Ahmed Eid were keen on taking the cross balls under the supervision of Amir Abdel Aziz, the assistant coach who He led this paragraph of practice.

The technical staff of the first team of the Zamalek football club, led by French Patrice Carteron, also devoted additional training to Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” and Ashraf Bin Sharqi, the two team, with a shot on goal after the end of the session. Carteron asked the pair to undergo individual exercises that he supervised himself after the team’s collective training ended today.

While French coach Patrice Carteron, the first team coach of the Zamalek football club, asked Sami El Shishiny, the team coach, to prepare a direct report during the training on how the players responded to the training paragraphs for payment and the performance of some technical sentences, and Carteron was keen to record the report to know the final result of each player and how they responded to the training.

Mustafa Mohamed's car
Mustafa Mohamed’s car


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