Watch … the Yemen army advances east of Sanaa and collapses among the Houthi ranks


Source: Arabic.Net – Osan Salem

For the fifth consecutive day, the Naham front east of the capital, Sana’a, witnessed violent confrontations between the Yemeni army forces, backed by the Alliance of Legitimacy Support, and the Houthi militia, the Iranian armed wing in Yemen.

The Media Center of the Yemeni Armed Forces said, on Tuesday evening, that the National Army forces have recovered the Jarshab Mountains in the Nahham district, east of the capital, Central Major advance to the army. Confirmed casualties occurred among the Houthi militias backed by Iran.

This comes hours after the liberation of the Yemeni army, a mountain range in the starboard of the Naham front, which was under the control of the Houthi militia, amid escape and a major collapse in the ranks of the militia.

On Tuesday, the Yemeni army artillery destroyed the gatherings and reinforcements of the Houthi coup militia, north of the Nahham district (east of Sanaa), and inflicted great human and material losses.

A statement by the media center for the armed forces said that the artillery of the national army destroyed combat mechanisms and crews that were carrying human reinforcements belonging to the Houthi militia north of the Gershab chain of the Directorate of Neham, and the bombing destroyed them and killed all those on board.

The Yemeni army is fighting fierce battles against the Houthi coup militias along the battle fronts in the Nahham district for the fifth consecutive day, during which it managed to liberate a number of strategic locations, the last of which is the Gerbash mountain range that was liberated today.

The statement stressed that the continuous battles resulted in dozens of deaths, injuries and prisoners among the Houthi militias, including field leaders, in addition to large losses in combat equipment.

He pointed out that the battles are still continuing until now, amid steady progress of the heroes of the national army, and confusion among the Houthi militia, following the strong and surprising strikes, indicating that victories will continue in the coming hours.

As for the facilitation of the Naham front, the battles are still fierce in the central valley, and the clashes have cut off the main line in the Al-Farda area under Mount Hailan and hundreds of cars are stuck there, according to local sources.

The sources pointed out that dozens of militia were killed in the confrontations with the army in Harash and Wagra Majzar, including the Houthi leader Jaber al-Muayyad, the commander of the so-called death battalion of the Houthi militia.

A military source said that the so-called “battalion of death” of the Houthi militia was handed over to the National Army after the killing of its leader Jaber al-Muayyad, and the Houthi leader Yahya Muhammad Nasser Fadil, the recruiting official at the Naham front, along with dozens of militia members.

The spokesman for the seventh military zone, Colonel Abdullah Al-Shanduqi, said that 72 Houthi militias were killed during the confrontations.

The Media Center of the Yemeni Armed Forces released videos of some of the battles the Yemeni army is waging against the Houthis in Naham.


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