Watch the Real Madrid and Valladolid match today broadcast live on 01/26/2020 La Liga


Real Madrid and Valladolid are due in the 21st week of the Spanish League championship at Novo Josi Zorrilla Stadium today, Sunday, January 26th, specifically at 10:00 pm Cairo time, and at eleven Mecca time, and my property is searching for a win and not to repeat the result of the first game that She ended a 1-1 draw at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. And Valladolid team occupies the fifteenth place with 22 points from four wins and 10 draws and 6 defeats, while Real Madrid team occupies second place Barcelona fell behind goals, with 43 points from 12 wins and 7 draws and receiving a single defeat.Zidane said during the press conference before today’s meeting. “We are going through a good moment, we want to continue on this path, and this is difficult because we play a match every 3 days, facing tomorrow will not be easy, because the opponent lost only one game at home.” “Every team wants to win and choose its style, we have our team and I don’t talk about what others do, every game is different.” He concluded by talking about Hazard’s position, “it is not possible to reveal the date of his return, he started touching the ball, and next week he will gradually return to work with the device The technician, not the doctors, expect to be in a better condition, and calm is required in such cases.

Valladolid match card against Real Madrid

  • ? Championship: La Liga.
  • ? Tour: Twenty-first week.
  • ? The stadium: Nuovo Josi Zorrilla.
  • ? Voiceover: Youssef Saif.
  • ? Conveying channels: BN Sport 3.
  • The appointment: 10:00 pm Egypt time (GMT 2+).
  • Date: Sunday (26-01-2020).
  • The result: the result will be added after the end of the game.


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