Watch the most beautiful embrace of Egyptian stars on the world day of cuddling


In the middle of the interval between Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day on February 14th, the world celebrates World Hug DayAs the American social businessman, Kevin Zapurni, invented this idea for the first time in 1986, Kevin Zapurni did not want the period between the celebrations that bring people together and happiness to enter their hearts to come. He came up with the idea of ​​a world day for hugs.

Physical communication is known to have a largely positive impact, including psychological and physical aspects, and January 21 of each year is a global day of hugging..

Squash is considered one of the most family-friendly games in the relationships between players, especially in Egypt, as the game includes many Egyptian families, whether siblings or husbands such as the couple on Faraj and Noor al-Tayyib, Raneem al-Waili and Tariq Moamen, and the brothers Muhammad and Marwan al-Shorbaji, and it cannot be Forget Nour El Sherbiny’s embrace of her father, Atef El Sherbiny, after crowning the world squash championship, and every time the Egyptian champion kidnapped the limelight with a long hug with her father after the most prominent title in the game was decided.

In wrestling, Mohamed Ibrahim Kisho, the wrestling team player, expressed his happiness in a different way, after winning the world championship held in Hungary, in a different way, Kisho carried his coach, Mohamed Ibrahim Zaqlt, on his neck, and reviewed some of the movements in wrestling, as if he were competing in the game on The carpet of the championship, amid the astonishment of the referee, as shown by the pictures published by the International Federation for the game.

In football, the arms of joy and crowning the African nations of youth were for the first time in the history of the Pharaohs, present strongly between coach Shawky Gharib, Mustafa Mohamed and Ramadan Sobhi, the players of the Pharaohs, joy with the coronation and qualification of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

As for handball, the wife of Marawan Ragab, the coach of the Pharaohs team, kidnapped the limelight after her descent to the field in the African Nations Hand of the Final. Marwan’s wife appeared in 3 shots at the match stadium. The first shot was when the Tunisian team advanced over Egypt and the coach worried about losing The championship, and his wife appeared to encourage him and tighten his hand, after she refused to sit in the stands as a cheerleader and insisted on standing behind her husband on the field, while the following two shots were after the victory when she ran towards him and embraced him as soon as the match ended and the victory of Egypt was declared.

Raneem Al-Wailili embraces Tariq Moamen after crowning the world championship


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