Watch the founder series Osman Episode 7 directly now via the Turkish ATV channel in high definition


Now you can now follow the series of the founder Osman episode 7 directly by controlling the frequency of the Turkish ATV channel, and enjoy one of the most powerful series that millions of people watch around the world in various age groups and supplement the series of events of the Artegral Resurrection series that was presented in five years and was able to break all numbers Standard, where we will now follow up with you all the details raised about today’s episode and the frequency of the channel’s model.

Series founder Othman episode 7

Now the seventh episode of the founder series Othman is being presented, after the decision to postpone it by the producing company for more than two weeks in a row, with reasons related to celebrating New Year’s holidays, to be postponed again last Wednesday, which falls on January 15, 2020, for reasons related to the presentation of a match on the same day of the show, The founder Othman will return to us again, after a broadcast from the ATV channel was announced a short while ago, so you can now enjoy watching the series directly only when receiving the signals of the channel of the series via the following frequencies.

Adjust the frequency of the ATV channel

Now set the frequency of the Turkish ATV channel and enjoy watching the seventh episode of the founder Osman series via the following frequencies and satellites:

the moonOrbitFrequencypolarizationFECthe qualityEncryption
Turksat42.0 ° E11628 (H)27500 5/6SDComplimentary
Astra19.2 ° E12692 (H)275005/6SDComplimentary
Astra19.2 ° E11243 (H)275005/6SDComplimentary

Upon the expected expectations for the seventh episode of the founder series Osman, it is expected that all Turkish tribes will struggle over its union in order to save Osman and his soldiers from the trap of Princess Sofia, which succeeded in bringing Osman and his soldiers into a new conflict that will arise between Osman Al-Ghazi and Dindar Al-Ghazi about Dendar’s desire to stop the war against The Crusader State.


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