Watch the Chelsea and Arsenal match broadcast live on Tuesday 21/1/22020 in the London derby


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The Chelsea and Arsenal teams meet in the twenty-fourth round of the English Premier League 2020 round two, a summit that is not the owner of the summit, in a lamentable situation for the Blues and the Jansers, especially the last, where the two teams suffer from great conflicts this season, but the London Derby will not be calm because He does not recognize the levels of the two teams, so will he succeed in providing a strong level in this confrontation and lovers will enjoy it in various places, or will it be a meager summit as the two teams did this season, and the meeting ended in the first round in favor of the Blues with two goals against a goal, while the janners will have to go out this time to Stamford Bridge from AG Revenge.

The confrontation between the Chelsea and Arsenal teams starts at 23:15 Mecca time, and 22:15 Cairo time, which will be broadcast on BN Sport 2 and commented on the commentator Ali Muhammad Ali ..

We are in the Arab world, we will publish a very special follow-up to you, a link to watch the Chelsea and Arsenal match live in a meeting today, Tuesday, January 21/2020, and we will cover all news related to this meeting, as we will publish the most important news of the two teams, as well as the formation of both teams.

Watch the Chelsea vs Arsenal match live

And you can watch the strong meeting between the Chelsea and Arsenal teams directly, on your favorite sports site, Goal Al Arab, and the video will be updated in the event of a pause.

The official Chelsea squad to face Arsenal in Derby is: Kiba – Isabelloquita – Christensen – Rodiger – Emerson – Georginho – Kanti – Kovacic – Hudson – Willian – Abraham, and is on the bench both: Capeiro – Zuma – Alonso – Ross Barclay Mason Mont – Pedro – Patchway.

Arsenal’s squad against Chelsea today are: Lino, Pellerin, David Louise, Mostavi, Saca, Chaca, Torreira, Ozil, Nicholas Bibi, Lacazette, Martinelli.

The live broadcast of the Chelsea match against Arsenal will be made an hour before the meeting.

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