Watch … Fifi Abdo’s advice to beat the cold!


Fifi Abdo

Egyptian artist and dancer Fifi Abdo advised her followers to overcome the severe cold, through a video she published on her Instagram account.

Fifi Abdo appeared in the video with a winter look, as she said: “Hit me, you missed you and you, and the lentil soup.”

And Vivi Abdo continued, “The world is the death of workers, what is the deficiency? Hard? I am a Devian, who has seen him, what should I wear? ”

Fifi Abdo revealed that she recorded this video at four in the morning by commenting on the video, as she wrote: “By the way, I photographed this morning at 4 am, and I couldn’t tell E Lynn, but what do you think about the new look that you like and the guardian with your love.”


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