Watch .. an Emirati blogger appears in a woman’s makeup and looks like a famous actress


An Emirati blogger, Badr Khalaf, has sparked a state of controversy and anger on social media, after appearing with a woman’s makeup in a picture in which he resembles the Turkish actress Israa Dmergioglu, known as “Myser” in the series “Fatima.”

Badr Khalaf followed his followers through his account on Twitter, with a photo attached to a picture of the well-known Turkish actress, in which he appeared as he adopted a makeup that clearly features his features and puts lipstick in a degree that makes it look similar to the famous actress “facilitator” in the well-known series.

The matter became even more controversial when the blogger commented on his image, in which he said: “It creates a likeness of 40! .. Tony understood that I am more like makeup in a series of Fatima Turkish, and this is when I see myself as Kim Kardashian Arabs, the last of which is facilitator? God suffices me only. ”


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