Watch … a media official embarrassing the Lebanese minister, Gebran Bassil, in Davos


Source: Dubai –

A video spread on the communication sites about the former Lebanese Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil being embarrassed at a media seminar on the sidelines of the Davos Forum when the CNBC broadcaster asked a question and was not satisfied with his answer.

The presenter asked him, “How did you get here? Did you come on a private plane?” Basil replied, “I came at my expense,” adding, “I know that rumors and lies are still widespread, but this is the truth. I did not spend a penny from the public treasury account!”

The plane is a gift

However, the Bassil interview did not live with his challenging question: “The salaries of Lebanese ministers amount to about five thousand dollars, so how can you rent a private plane?” “Does this mean that this is a family’s money?” The former minister replied, “No, it is a gift … I brought an invitation here.”

But the media was not convinced by the answer, to an sarcastic response, saying, “I hope to have friends like your friends.” Sigrid Kag, the former Minister of Trade for the United Nations in Lebanon, intervened, saying, “When we are in the government, we are not allowed to have such friends.”

Gibran Bassil was officially replaced as Foreign Minister this week byThe appointment of a new government of technocrats. Basil has emerged as a power broker in Lebanese politics over the past decade. Basil is President Michel Aoun’s son-in-law, and Basil is now the leader of the largest bloc in Parliament.

Basil’s appearance at the World Economic Forum on Thursday angered his critics in Lebanon, who accuse him of corruption. Basil once served as the Minister of Electricity from 2009 to 2014, when he returned to the government as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

When news of Basil’s invitation to Davos was issued, several Lebanese campaigned against his flight, and they asked the World Economic Forum not to invite him, on the pretext that he no longer represented Lebanon. Many also argued that it was an expensive trip to a bankrupt country.


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