Wait for the announcement of Coruna to declare a global emergency … and the rise of Chinese deaths


Source: Dubai – Arabic.Net, agencies

The World Health Organization said on Thursday that A Russian disease is rampant in China, and has infected hundreds of people It is not counted as a global health emergency. The organization issued its assessment after the Chinese authorities moved to close three cities earlier and canceled major events in the capital, Beijing, during the Lunar New Year holiday period in an attempt to contain the new virus. This comes at a time when China has announced that the number of new deaths from the new virus, Coronavirus, has risen to 25, and infections to 830 have occurred.

The United Nations health agency relied on this decision after independent experts spent two days assessing information about the spread of the newly identified Corona virus.
In this context, Didier Hussein, Chairman of the Emergency Advisory Committee, said it is too early to consider this a public health emergency of international concern, noting that the committee is “very divided by 50 to 50”.

“An unusual event”

The World Health Organization defines a world emergency as a “unusual event” that poses a threat to other countries and requires a coordinated international response. Prior to the emergence of the Zika virus in the Americas, the swine flu and polio epidemic, global emergencies were announced.

The announcement of a global emergency usually brings in more money and resources, but it could prompt tense foreign governments to restrict travel and trade to the affected countries. Consequently, determining whether an outbreak is an international crisis may also be politically relevant.

In the same context, the American authorities announced on Thursday that it was conducting tests to verify whether one of the people who had recently arrived from Wuhan, China, was infected with the new coronavirus, which appeared in this city and started to spread throughout China and abroad.

600 injured

Health authorities in Brazos County, in eastern Texas (south), said doctors “quickly concluded that the patient had symptoms of infection with the Corona virus.”
In a statement on her Facebook page, she added that the patient is currently in isolation at his home pending the release of the results of laboratory tests. If this patient is confirmed to have a new Coronavirus, this will be the second recorded case in the United States.

The first injury was recorded in a man who was in Wuhan and returned to the United States on 15th of this month. And this thirtieth man called himself on the emergency services on the 19th of this year after the symptoms of the disease appeared on him, so he was admitted to a hospital in Everett, near Seattle, on the west coast of the country.

About 600 people were confirmed to be infected with the virus, the majority of them in China, while the number of people who died from the virus to date has reached 18, all of them in China, and 17 of them in and around the city of Wuhan.

China has taken extreme measures to combat the emerging corona virus, which has begun to circulate in the world, by imposing a quarantine on the city of Wuhan, the source of the epidemic, as well as two neighboring cities, as of Thursday.

The disease, which is a strain of the SARS virus (acute respiratory syndrome), has reached several Asian countries and even the United States, where some infections have been recorded.
The epidemic is a new type of corona virus and it is a strain that includes a large number of viruses that may lead to diseases such as the common cold, but also to other more serious diseases such as SARS.


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