Violent confrontations and heavy shooting to disperse the Basra demonstrators


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Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath sources reported, on Monday evening, that intense gunfire was launched in Basra to disperse the demonstrators, who earlier in the day called for the closure of districts, schools and the cutting of roads. As clashes intensified between the demonstrators and the security forces at the intersection of Al-Kuzizia in the city.

The sources also added that reinforcements had arrived in Basra from the “shock forces” to suppress the demonstrators.

The police confirmed, on Sunday evening, that they would deal harshly, but in accordance with the law to prevent the closing of departments and schools, and to secure traffic.

In turn, Colonel Thaer Issa Najm explained in the Basra Operations Command media to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that “Basra Operations Command in cooperation with the Police Directorate and within the plan that relates to the demonstrations was put High security plan And intense, in anticipation of any emergency in the event of demonstrations or any escalation by the demonstrators, “Monday, indicating that” the plan includes an extensive deployment of affiliates throughout the province of Basra and the activation of the intelligence side. ”

He added, “According to the orders issued from Basra operations, the security forces were widely deployed and all its joints and within the sector of responsibility and according to the security plan prepared in terms of protecting peaceful demonstrators first and then protecting the province and vital installations, banks, schools, government institutions and hospitals, as well as all service, treatment, oil and other sectors … From the state departments, pointing out that “this has been prepared in coordination with the General Traffic Directorate, the Fire and Civil Defense Directorate and all the security forces and for further notice.”

Basra clashes January 20, AFP
Basra clashes January 20, AFP

This came in conjunction with The escalation campaign in BaghdadOn Monday, where the demonstrators took control of the Mohammed Al Qasim Bridge in the Iraqi capital, which had witnessed earlier clashes between a number of protesters and security forces.

3 killed in Baghdad

Iraqi medical sources reported that the death toll from the demonstrations rose to 3, after two of the protesters were shot dead, the first near the aforementioned bridge, which witnessed a lot of savings, today, Monday, and the second near the Kilani intersection.

The Human Rights Commission stated that 50 others and 20 detainees were injured in the Iraqi capital.

In addition, Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported that 17 cases of suffocation occurred during the confrontations between the protesters, and the security forces that threw tear gas canisters to disperse them, while local Iraqi media reported an increase in the number of cases of suffocation to 66.


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