Video .. Mwatana reveals her taunting and beating by her brother


Mwatana, on the social networking site “Twitter”, complained about her brother’s taunting, as she showed the effects of assault and injuries on her face.

“I saw from the world 7 years ago and 7 years ago from the attacks. I did not post Twitter or talk about them, I was rational enough to give them a chance,” said one of the videos, speaking about her brother.

She added: “People told me to file my complaints, hope and walk your rights. I submitted and hired lawyers who let me down as soon as they saw the perpetrator as if they were using their mediation on me.”

And she continued: “I have nothing that I can value, my brother assaulted me and after so they released him from prison after an quarter of an hour.”

I continued to protect me from my brothers and from some relatives who do not have mercy. They destroyed him and destroyed my son until he took advantage of him physically and caused him psychological and physical fatigue, ”she added.“ I was threatened two days ago by my brother to send the detective to me.


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