Video .. Mansour Al-Raqiba arrested on charges of “bird smuggling”


Mansour Al-Rugaiba, the star of social networking sites and the application of “Snapchat”, has apologized from inside the Kingdom’s embassy in London, after his release after his arrest at Heathrow Airport in Britain, on charges of smuggling birds if the embassy did not enter.

“From this diplomatic saloon from inside the embassy, ​​I like to convey such a message,” Al-Rugaiba explained in a video posted by him. .

“I repeat my thanks to the Saudi embassy, ​​and their work is not surprising, and I would have liked to be in this position at the embassy, ​​I would have been in a better honorable position,” Mansour Al-Rugaiba added. While he was likely to be arrested for 3 months.


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