Video .. Legendary wedding in Riyadh at a cost of one million riyals


A rolling video clip showed a legendary wedding in Riyadh, where the ceremony included a number of paragraphs, which reflected a great extravagance and shows that caught the eye, and the rolling clip of the exciting wedding ceremony featured paragraphs dancing on foreign songs performed by a band of dancers.

According to what was stated in the video, the ceremony started with a dance performance for the group as the groom entered, then a wedding for the bride, and the band completed its dance performances to celebrate the wedding.

The dinner table, which was ranked one of the most luxurious, impressed the pioneers of the social media, in which all the items were presented, in addition to the dance group that the artist Ayed and artist Mirna were present to revive the wedding ceremony, as the wedding costs were estimated at one million riyals.


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