Video .. Khaled Al-Ghandour attacks Ahmad Bilal due to Mustafa Muhammad


Khaled Al-Ghandour said during his presentation of his Zamalek program on “Al-Zamalek Channel”: “Ahmed Bilal speaks in the language of media and the trend, and may God protect him,” adding: “Ahmed Bilal spoke outside the frame of his ball with his losing proof of Mustafa Mohamed.”

Yesterday, the Zamalek channel broadcast began with a reading of Al-Fatihah and verses from the Holy Qur’an followed by the playing of the national anthem, and it is expected that the channel will witness the appearance of all broadcasters and a number of stars and artists in telephone interventions followed by a review of the channel’s program map.

Eng. Hossam Saleh, the company’s spokesman, stated that the channel is a new step in the presence of sports channels for giant Egyptian clubs such as Zamalek, and the channel is part of the cooperation between the group and Zamalek Club, one of the largest clubs in the Middle East.

Saleh added that the channel’s map expresses a strong start since its inception, and one of the most prominent programs on the Zamalek screen is the sports evening. There is a program “Evening with the Adviser”, in which the chancellor, Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, appears to discuss many public and societal and sports issues, in addition to a spherical evening. Major entitled (Zamalkawi), presented by Khaled Al-Ghandour and Karim Hassan Shehata, in which it hosts a large number of the best analysts and sports stars.

The channel offers many important matches in local and international competitions, which are displayed an hour after its end, and will be reported on time.

The spokesman for the United Company, Eng. Hossam Saleh, pointed out that the leaders of the company and the board of directors of Zamalek Club are consulting with the channel’s content in order to maintain excellence.

It is worth noting that the channel uses the frequency 11449 horizontal on Nilesat and under the name of Zamalek sports.


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