Video .. Does Zamalek deserve a penalty against Mazembe?


Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, the playmaker of the Zamalek team, was subjected to obstruction inside the Mazembe penalty area, and he demanded that Al-Abyad players calculate a penalty from the second half of the match that currently brings them to Al-Salam stadium within the fifth round of the group stage in the African Champions League, where the two teams are located Within the first group, accompanied by the clubs of the first Angolan and Zambian ZESCO United.

The French coach, Patrice Carteron, the coach of the first football team in Zamalek club, announced the formation of the team that will play the match, which included: Muhammad Abu Jabal in guarding the goal, in front of him the quadrant Hazem Imam, Mahmoud Alaa, Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wensh and Mohamed Abdel Shafi, and in the middle Tariq Hamed and Ferjani Sassi, In the attack, Shikabala, Ahmed Syed, “Zizou”, Youssef Obama, and Sareeh striker Mustafa Mohamed.

While the formation of Congolese Mazembe came as follows: Silvan Jeboho is in the goalkeeper, defense: Issama Mbeko, Kevin Mondico, Capasso Chungu, and Joseph Benson, center: Kofi Kwame, Vital Oreja, attack: Jodi Lokenza, Jackson Molica, Chico Osende.

Zamalek occupies second place in the first group ranking in the African Champions League with 7 points, to approach the qualification to the quarter-finals, while Congolese Mazembe tops the standings with 10 points, while the first August and ZESCO have two points to occupy the third and fourth places respectively, and Al-Abyad is searching for victory The Congolese team has to formally qualify for the African Championship quarter-finals.

While the coach of Zamalek explained to the players, the need to focus on team play, which will also contribute to the convergence of the lines with the need to narrow the spaces between the lines, especially as the competitor has players with speeds in his formation, and Carton prefers to use the skill for the benefit of the team as he continued that he will not accept any case of Selfishness or individual play.


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