Video and photos of Yasmine Sabri’s birthday cake of my lady’s jewelry and cosmetics


The Egyptian artist celebrated Yasmine Sabry Her birthday, which was approved yesterday, Tuesday, January 21st, in a remarkable way, after the birthday cake was designed in the form of a cosmetic box that includes many lipstick packages, jewelry and leather bags, in reference to her work as a propaganda face for major brands in this field, and at the same time the makers of her series celebrated A second chance “for her birthday.

Yasmine Sabry
The latest picture published by Yasmine Sabry to celebrate her birthday

Yasmine Sabry shared her fans day-to-day details of her celebration of her birthday via the Astory property on her Instagram account, and first published a picture of a birthday cake in the form of a cosmetic box, and she also received a special gift of chocolate with skin-specific cosmetics.

In the evening, Yasmine published the first picture of a second birthday cake with a stereoscopic image of her face, which she received as a gift from the makers of her new series, “A Second Chance”, scheduled for Ramadan 2020 drama season.

It is mentioned that the series “Second Chance” is the second absolute starring of Yasmin Sabri in the drama, after her participation in Ramadan last 2019 through the series “My Story”. The artist Ahmed Salah Hosni, Ahmed Hatem, Ahmed Badir, Wafaa Amer, Edward, Amr Sahsah and others, co-authored by Mohamed Abdel Moaty, and directed by Ahmed Samir Farag.

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