Video- After her mother’s death, Yusra reveals the fact that she has cancer


Egyptian actress Yousra revealed the fact that she had leukemia, describing her as the most difficult moment of her life at the height of her popularity.
Yousra said during the program “The World taught me”: At one point in my artistic life, I went abroad for some medical tests and the doctor surprised me that there is a possibility of developing leukemia.
And Yusra added: I lived a difficult life for 3 months, and I decided that no one else would, even my mother, because I was afraid of her from the shock.
She explained that this experience made her contemplate and think about some things, and when her mother died, she wished: “If it is time for one hour, she will return the favor to her mother, take care of her more, and fulfill her requests after she feels lost.”
And Yusra continued, “I discovered that we must be tolerant and do not wait for anyone to meet.”


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