Veto gate After 20 years of “Opera Aida” show … Parkinson’s life in Youssef Fawzy’s life, between acting and reality


Artist Youssef Fawzy
Artist Youssef Fawzy

Past hours, during which the retired artist Youssef Fawzi became the subject of talk about social media and websites, after a period of his retirement and revealing the reasons for his departure from art.

“The nickname is Mr. Oprah … The art of opera is his greatest hobby … The profession is Avocato’s man … The lawyer and the opera are his life … As for the story of an opera and a returnee … This is a story of love and fire leading … A leading fire … There is no deficiency and no increase … We can tell Including them with the benefit of: Aida’s opera and Aida’s opera ».. Words were restored to the mind once the retired artist Youssef Fawzy appeared in one of the press meetings after he fell ill with Parkinson’s disease, which kept him from acting.

The meeting had a wide impact on the social media sites, especially after the Almighty retired artist complained of isolation and did not ask any of the art people about him after his retirement.

The human aspect was not only the present as a result of the press interview of the retired artist Youssef Fawzy, but there is another artistic aspect by evoking the distinguished participation of the artist Youssef Fawzy in the series “Opera Aida” which was produced in 2000, with the participation of a group of stars of art and drama among them, each of , Yahya Al-Fakhrani, Hanan Turk, Safia Al-Omari, Ahmed Khalil, Osama Khalil, and Izzat Abu Auf.

The series deals with an important issue, which is euthanasia, and is it permissible for the doctor to end the patient’s life, and addresses the opinion of religion and the law on this issue, and the case remains subject to investigations until the appearance of the retired doctor (Jalal Awni) who performed the role of the artist (Youssef Fawzi), before the court to testify that Aida, who performed her role (Hanan Turk), is acquitted.

One of the paradoxes between the dramatic work and the personal life of the retired artist (Youssef Fawzi) is that, in the drama, he was a brilliant doctor who was forced by Parkinson’s to quit medicine, and in fact the artist Youssef Fawzi was tall and artistic value that for years remained in his distinguished roles until the Parkinson’s disease forced him to retire the art.


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