Very common practices that may cause the development of cancer


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Very common practices that may cause the development of cancer


                    Alexander Kondratyuk

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Doctors from the Cancer Research Center in Germany uncovered unclear factors and daily life behaviors that could cause the development of cancerous diseases.

Focus says, this list includes sitting beside the windows in the plane, due to ultraviolet rays, which increases the risk of developing skin cancer. As well as the frequent interaction with the various receipts due to the toxic substances in the ink, which accumulate in the body.

Doctors note that consuming very hot drinks increases the risk of gastrointestinal cancer, and that refraining from using condoms increases the risk of papillomavirus associated with cervical cancer and other types of malignant tumors in the genital organs.

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And that driving the car and the window is open, especially in crowded big cities, may be fatal to the lungs and bladder, and that eating beer regularly after the end of work is harmful and causes the development of liver and breast cancer.

Doctors advise to abandon the use of smartphones in the dark period of the day because the screen light destroys the hormone melatonin, as well as cosmetics containing mineral oils (some of which contain carcinogens).

The health center also recommends the need to see doctors to discover disease cases at an early stage to facilitate treatment.

Source: Novosti


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