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Screen News: Paleoclimatology specialists from Yale University revealed a conclusion that the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs was the fall of a giant meteorite on the ground.

According to, most scientists believe that the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs was the collapse of a huge asteroid and its collision with Earth 66 million years ago.

But there is another suggestion, which is that the cause of this extinction may be a large group of volcanic eruptions in the area of ​​the Deccan terraces, which is the present lands of India.

The researchers tried to determine the exact time of the huge volcanic gas emissions that occurred during such explosions. To achieve this, they compared the overall global temperature change and analysis of carbon isotopes from marine fossils.

And it turned out that a large amount of carbon dioxide had reached the Earth’s atmosphere, long before the aforementioned meteorite fell.

Scientists say, that the volcanic activity in the late Cretaceous, caused a gradual increase in global temperatures by about two degrees, but there was no mass extinction of animals.

Scientists also add that this caused the migration of some species to the Arctic and Antarctic, but they returned long before the fall of the meteorite.

The ancient climate scientists concluded that the only reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs was the fall of a giant meteorite on Earth.


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