UN experts deny Erdogan .. And safety “I have a pledge to hold him accountable”


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

A new refutation of the allegations of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan came from United Nations experts. After he confirmed UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salama In an interview with Reuters a few days ago, the presence of Syrian fighters in Tripoli, a group of UN experts announced that they had found no evidence to confirm the presence of Sudanese military forces fighting alongside the Libyan army.

The Turkish President had stated in previous statements that about “2500 fighters of the Russian company Wagner in Libya, in addition to about 5 thousand mercenaries from Sudan, and others from Chad and Niger” are fighting in Libya.

Whereas, in a report published on Monday, the group of internationalist experts refuted these allegations. The report stated that “the group does not have any reliable evidence of the presence of Sudanese forces in Libya.”

Salama on Erdogan: “I have something to hold him accountable for”

In addition, Salama affirmed, in an interview with a Libyan channel, that the Turkish president pledged in the fifth item of the Berlin conference statement, like others, not to interfere in Libya or send troops or mercenaries.

He said in an interview with the Libyan television channel 218: “I now have a paper and a pledge, and I have what I hold accountable for it, and before that it was not available.” Berlin Summit On Sunday, the leaders of the most prominent countries involved in the conflict in Libya committed at the end of the year to respect the arms embargo imposed by the United Nations in 2011, not to intervene militarily, and to call for a cessation of hostilities and a reduction in escalation.

In response to a question about how to get out 2,000 Syrian fighters sent by Ankara to Libya, the UN Special Envoy to Libya said: “There is a project that we will submit to the 5 + 5 committee so that the Libyans give up foreign fighters, not only the 2,000 Syrians but thousands of others.”

Armed factions within the Al-Wefaq forces in Tripoli (Archives - France Press)
Armed factions within the Al-Wefaq forces in Tripoli (Archives – France Press)

Salama said in an interview with Reuters news agency on Saturday: “I can confirm the arrival of fighters from Syria,” estimating the number of them between one and two thousand.

This came, after the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed, on Friday, that the process of transferring fighters carried out by Turkey from the Syrian territories to the Libyan territories is continuous, indicating that the number of recruits who arrived in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, until now reached about 1750 “mercenaries”. Meanwhile, the number of recruits who arrived in the Turkish camps to receive training amounted to about 1500, amid continuing recruitment operations significantly, whether in Afrin or the Euphrates Shield areas.


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