Tunisia: Libyan militia leader arrested, due to a Turkish passport


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

Khaled al-Hayouni, a spokesman for the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior, said that the security services at Tunis-Carthage Airport arrested a passenger of Libyan nationality suspected of his identity on Tuesday evening. He was referred to the research authority of the competent authorities for further investigation, investigation and taking necessary measures.

Al-Hayouni refused to reveal the identity of the Libyan traveler to Arabic. Net, but Arabic sources confirmed that the matter concerned “Firas al-Wahshi”, one of the most prominent militia leaders in the Libyan city of Zawiya, who was arrested when he was coming from Istanbul, after he had memorized a Turkish passport, when Doing border measures.

Firas Al-Wahshi
Firas Al-Wahshi

Commenting on this, the lawyer, Wafaa Al-Shadly, said that Tunisian security has done its duty to stop this dangerous militia criminal, Firas al-Wahshi, for his brutality and the seriousness of his crime, and called on the Tunisian authorities not to release him under any pressure on his danger to national security.

Firas Al-Wahshi
Firas Al-Wahshi

Firas Al-Wahshi is one of the arms of the hardline Islamic movement in Al-Zawiyah, and he is also one of the arms of the “Tripoli Revolutionaries” battalion with which he recently participated in his armed group in the Tripoli war against the Libyan army, and he is accused of committing several criminal crimes in Al-Zawiya and Tripoli and registered on the lists of dangerous figures in the region. The prosecutor’s office has charges of fuel smuggling and human trafficking.


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