Tunisia .. Elias El Fakhfakh appointed as Prime Minister


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

The Tunisian President, Qais Said, on Monday assigned former Minister of Finance, Elias El Fakhfakh, to head and form the next government, to face enormous challenges to get the country out of an ongoing economic crisis and to respond to the growing social demands.

Last Thursday, political parties proposed to the Presidency of the Republic more than 20 names to head the next government and to succeed the current Prime Minister, Youssef El-Shahed, so that the choice ultimately falls on the traps proposed by the “Long live Tunisia” and “Democratic Current” parties.

It is noteworthy that there is one month before the traps to form a government coalition from Parliament, in which the “Ennahda” and “Heart of Tunisia” parties occupy the largest number of seats. And if he fails to form a government or gain the confidence of Parliament (109 votes out of a total of 217), the head of state has the right to dissolve parliament and call new elections, as stipulated in Chapter 89 of the Tunisian Constitution.

To that, the new government needs, according to analysts, significant political support and strong support in Parliament, to move forward with the economic reforms initiated by the witness, who leads the caretaker government until the formation of the new government.

About him

The 48-year-old has a dual training in engineering and business administration. He holds a degree in engineering from the National School of Engineers of Sfax, and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the “Ensa” school in Lyon, France, in addition to a master’s in business administration from the University of Essonne in Paris.

He worked for several years at the Total Oil Company in Tunis, then Bologna in 2006. Then he joined the “Cortriel” specialized in cutting cars to the borders of December 2011. He engaged in political work at the core of the Democratic Bloc for Work and Liberties, and led the party’s electoral campaign in 2011. He was elected Speaker of his National Assembly at its third conference in 2017, before he was appointed Minister of Tourism in 2012, then Minister of Finance. He ran for the last presidential elections in September 2019 and received 0.34% of the vote.


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