Trump reduces troop casualties as a result of Iran’s attacks


Source: Washington – Associated Press

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump played down the severity of the head injuries sustained by US soldiers during Iranian missile strikes targeting two Iraqi air bases, when he was asked why he had denied injuries among US soldiers as a result of the attacks.

“I heard that they had a headache and two other things, and I can confirm that they are not (serious),” Trump said during a press conference in Davos, Switzerland, explaining that having a concussion is less dangerous than losing a limb.

The Republican President added: “I do not consider them to be very serious injuries compared to other injuries I have seen. I have seen what Iran did with its roadside bombs in our soldiers, I saw people without feet and without arms, I saw people who were horrific wounded in that region, that war. No.” I do not consider these serious injuries. ”

A medical examination confirmed that some of the American soldiers who had gone into hiding during the attack had symptoms of concussion. Last week, 11 soldiers were airlifted from Iraq to medical facilities in Germany and Kuwait for further evaluation.

On Tuesday, Defense Department officials announced that additional US forces had been evacuated by air from Iraq to closely assess the risk of a concussion.

It was not immediately clear how many were transferred to Germany, but officials said the number was small.

Trump said he was informed of the issue of concussion of the brain “several days” after the Iranian attack.


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