Trump defines Twitter, 140 tweets in 24 hours


Source: Washington – Bandar Al-Doshi

President Donald Trump posted more than 140 tweets and retweets on Twitter, on Wednesday, surpassing his mid-December record as the most prolific and retweeting day of his presidency.

President Trump sank his Twitter account during the second day of his impeachment trial in the Senate, reaching 41 tweets between 12 and 1 am, or one tweet every 88 seconds, according to, which tracks and indexes Trump’s tweets.

He broke the record on “Twitter” with more than 120 tweets and retweeted “Retweet” by late afternoon on Wednesday, reaching up to 140 tweets within 24 hours.

Trump’s tweets distributed between praising the trade agreement with China, his talk about his meetings in the Davos forum, and his comments on the trial procedures in the Senate related to his dismissal, as opposed to his attack on some Democrats who lead the measures of his isolation, and he also spoke about an interview with Fox News in the “Davos” forum. “.

Trump’s previous presidential record was 123 tweets on December 12.

By late afternoon on Wednesday, as he was on his way home from Davos aboard Air Force One, Trump was approaching his biggest record of 161 tweets in 24 hours, which occurred in January 2015.


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