To recover from injuries you need a deep sleep


One of the most important decisions that people make at the beginning of the new year is to follow a health system, as they start going to gyms and exercising regularly. But sometimes, this enthusiasm soon fades as a result of an unexpected injury. Whether this injury is caused by previous bodily harm or from intense exercise that the body has not yet become accustomed to, these injuries in various forms – such as muscular effort; joint sprain; or fracture of stress – can be an obstacle to achieving health goals.

Global estimates indicate that the rate of annual injuries from sports and physical activities is still high, but it does not outweigh the many positive benefits of exercising regularly. Physical rest is an essential axis in the process of recovering from injuries, relieving pain and achieving health goals related to fitness, in addition to getting a good amount of sleep, which plays an important role in the healing process.

Commenting on the topic, Dominic Zankovic, sleep expert and founder of Whisper, said: “All physical activities involve some risk of physical injury, so we should look at the methods to recover in an optimal way that allows us to continue to reap the health benefits of exercising for years to come. . Having a good amount of sleep is one of the major healing factors that many don’t realize is important. ”

Lack of sleep is known to cause serious health consequences associated with high blood pressure, weak immune system and depression. In addition, Dominic cautioned that not getting enough sleep could hinder a full recovery of physical injuries.

To clarify this, Dominic said: “The restoration and restoration of tissues and muscle fibers is carried out during sleep, as deep sleep allows for increased blood flow to the muscles and providing them with oxygen and nutrients that help restore and renew their cells. During deep sleep, the pituitary gland also secretes the growth hormones necessary to restore muscle tissue. Thus, not getting enough sleep limits the ability of the body to heal from injuries.

Finding the right mattress and pillow, which provides the necessary support for body comfort and healing injuries, is at the top of the list of many factors necessary to get a good sleep. Commenting on this, Dominic said: “You should search for a mattress that provides comfort and support to the body and prevents worsening of injury as a result of arousing pressure points in the body. This is what is characterized by the cushions and mattresses of ‘Whisper’ thanks to its comfortable and innovative design, it is made of a ‘Quantum’ sponge that allows air to pass through it, and the ‘Whisper’ mattresses provide ideal support for the spine and embrace the pressure points, which are the best option to relieve the pain caused by an injury or effort”.

The Quantum sponge is characterized by responsiveness and high sensitivity, as the sleeper’s body hugs and adapts to its position to provide exceptional comfort for pressure points and the entire body. Unlike memory sponges, a Quantum sponge allows air to pass through it, which avoids heat and perspiration, and regulates the temperature, providing comfortable sleep in ideal heat throughout the night. Whisper uses tissues with unique temperature-regulating capabilities to help keep the sleeper’s body temperature cool and cold, thereby enhancing the chances of deep and uninterrupted sleep.

Whisper improves the quality of its products by providing the ability to adjust the mattress to suit customer preferences, as the mattress can be inverted and changed its properties between soft or hard, allowing more healthy consistency of the spine, in addition to relieving pressure on the neck, shoulders, hips and lower back area. The ‘Whisper’ mattresses also come with Silver technology, which makes real silver threads and naturally prevents bacteria, dust mites and unpleasant odors. The Original Premium mattresses also feature Silver Shield technology that blocks electromagnetic waves.

In addition to its unique benefits, Whisper offers the opportunity to test its ranks for 100 nights free of risks, while ensuring that they fully recover the money they paid; in addition to a guarantee of mattresses of up to 12 years, which makes the Whisper mattresses the optimal investment in health And sleep quality.

Whisper is the first electronic brand in the United Arab Emirates specializing in selling and delivering mattresses directly to customers. The company is based on an experience spanning more than 30 years, during which it has collaborated with a selection of sleep experts and material engineers to develop technology, tissues and innovative sponges, which together constitute the whisper mattresses and pillows today. Made in Italy, Whisper mattresses and pillows are the result of decades of research and customer assessments from around the world looking for comfortable sleep products that allow them to wake up with all vitality and vitality. Whisper products contribute to a healthier and happier life for customers.


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