This would be the Spanish league arrangement if you had not used the “mouse” technology this season



This is how the La Liga arrangement would be if you hadn't used a technique

The video-arbitration technique “Var” has been transformed from a mere idea to an application on the ground, after its recent use in various leagues, including the Spanish League, which adopted the technology two seasons ago.

And if the technology was found to spare the referees to make mistakes and correct their decisions, at the same time, it added more controversy and controversy to the refereeing decisions in the Spanish League “La Liga”.

And the technology is subjected to severe criticism every week, especially when it interferes to cancel a goal or the calculation of another questionable validity, or to overlook the calculation of a penalty or kick a player, especially in matches where one of its parties is a giant “League” Barcelona and Real Madrid.

For example, what happened last week, when the referee of the Barcelona and Granada match came under harsh criticism, after his dismissal of one of the players of the Granada team, after which the Catalan team snatched a goal without a reply.

The match between Real Madrid and Seville that was held in the same week was not without controversy, when the referees canceled a goal for the Andalusian team due to a mistake made by Seville players before scoring the goal in the net of the royal team.

The Spanish media questioned the “La Liga” arrangement this season if the decisions of the “fugitive” rulers were not taken into consideration.

The “Afriquesports” website published a study on this topic, and data showed that Real Madrid, who currently occupies the league title with 43 points, with a difference from the leaders Barcelona (43 points also), would be the leader of the “League” with 45 points if the decisions of the referees were not adopted, The Catalan team will fall to second place, but without any change in its 43 points.

This is how the La Liga arrangement would be if you hadn't used a technique

At the level of the bottom of the rankings, the Espanyol currently 14 points, will jump to 18th (17 points), while Celta Vigo and Leganes will decline by one position, from 18th to 19th and from 19th to 20th respectively.



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